As it gets darker outside, swarms of mosquitoes attack us relentlessly. Swatting at them as hard as we can, we often say out loud, ‘Where are all these mosquitoes coming from?’

The answer is, somewhere around your house. The final resort for a massive mosquito infestation is to take help from mosquito control in Norfolk services. However, before that, you can try out homemade mosquito repellents. But to make them work, you will have to know the regions of your house where the mosquitoes like to breed.  

Spots Where Mosquitoes Live And Breed

Here are the parts of your house where mosquitoes love to rest and hide the most.

1.    Garden

Area covered in shrubs and bushes is one of the most favorite places of mosquitoes. Foliage provides a dark and moist environment, where mosquitoes thrive the most. Moreover, mosquitoes also feed on plant nectar, which means they get their meal here as well.

So, if you have a front or backyard garden, chances are you have quite a lot of mosquitoes hanging out within the leaves and branches.

2.    Under The Deck

Once again, darkness and humidity help mosquitoes to breed and multiply the most. The area under the deck in your porch or backyard is often a treasure trove for all sorts of insects, such as termites, spiders, fleas, and ticks. Mosquitoes are a part of this infestation as well.

3.    Pots and planters

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If you have pots and planters in your home, they will probably provide a lovely, warm, humid home to mosquitoes. If you have houseplants at home, keep an eye out for the pests breeding within them.


Any open containers are an ideal environment for mosquitoes to survive in. They become even more suitable when they get filled with water during the rainy season. If you have an elaborate garden, then fountains and birdbaths can be homes to mosquitoes as well.